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'A Candid Anecdote (3)' : ''Friends and Friendship''

'One in need is a friend, indeed.'
In this modern world the thing that we have the most is the 'number of friends.' Yes, including those who help you in gang fights in your tole, those who sit with you in the sun backbiting the teachers during lunchbreaks at school and those who likes your status frequently on Facebook, all of them help us in need. Sometimes we and sometimes by 'those friend' , turn by turn, the bills for coca-cola (& samosa, sometimes) may be paid.
I know, I have been so late to continue but within this time I myself gained much more about 'Friends and friendship'. ( Actually, it was network problem because of which I am late.). Well, everyone who roam around us are friends for us. Also, our post-likers and followers. Imagine two horse-riders, participating in a racing competition- known well to each other from childhood, helped each other at riding-practice, used to buy pepsi for each other and invited each other on every event.
 Lets say they were 'the best friend ever' But, now they are not. Situation alters our friendship. Also, lets add that both of the riders wanted to 'kiss the winner-cup'. Yes, both of them may have smiled when they saw each other on the race and even wished "best of luck" to each other. That 'meaning-less smile' and wishes full of anti-ness and greed are the examples of does and views what most of our 'modern friends' feel upon us. Everyone need help and each other.
'Benifit' is only the need of friendship. Really! Friends are instantaneous; I dont think i need to explain more after giving example of "best ever frineds- the horseriders"- who won't care for each other now because they both know well that they aren't going to get a penny from each other that will help them to win the race, Instead, the other can be disturbance for theor mission. Maybe, both won't be able to win but again be ' the best friends" after the race, lets think of the moment during race.
 What happened to the friendship? Where was their childhood? What happened to the taste of pepsi that one paid for other? So amazing! Just a small turning point of life is able to break such a strong bond of friendship. I never meant that friendship is all done to fill our pockets, remember! I am talking of general friendship that is done nowadays. How can two examinee be friends? How can two business students be friends? ( They will have to compete each other in future.)
Therefore, friendship is a dynamic term and friends are all instanteneous people; even a small buzz can change them. So, never live for a friend and in the name of friendship. You are all free, live your own. They are there just for themselves. Enjoy your own..
Sushant Gautam

Sushant Gautam

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