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A Candid Anecdote (5): ‘In search of genuine god.’

The divinity we pray, the spirit whom we remember in our needs, the deity whose creation we all are and the idol in the temples which we respect all are gods. The term ‘god’ is also dynamic one the more you try to get closer the more complex it becomes. Remember, even the big acharyas, gurujis and swamijis can ever make you clear about god because our brain which feels pressured doing just simple mathematical calculations doesn’t have enough capacity to understand god.
Neither I have any ideas about god’s residence nor do I have any knowledge of his powers and greatness. The thing that I just know is that the term ‘god’ is difficult to be explored. I even don’t have any data about physical structure of god but can make you believe the existence of almighty that most of us believe as the creator of us, the universe and our world. There are different theories in science that explains the creation of universe trying to against the fact that ‘god created everything.’ Big scientists have tried their best to prove that earth was not creation of god but was created spontaneously from the part of universe. The question arises here about the creation of universe. Top scientist like Einstein himself had agreed upon ‘Big Bang Theory’ assuming the universe was the cause of explosion of a huge mass. Moreover, the assumption is also made that the mass was the transformation of energy following Einstein’s mass-energy relation. Now what remains to explain is the energy, let’s say the divine energy. Where such energy did came from? This is the boundary where all the science stops because our science is still not so strong to answer the question. Obviously, science is all about assumption; first assume and then prove. Let’s assume that the energy came from a divine source pretended to be ‘god’. Look! How scientifically I introduced you to god.
God, believed to be everywhere because the entire universe is a part of him. You, me, your best friend, buildings, flowers, the purse I found last week in the road, etc all are the part of god. Even the researchers of particle physics agree that every particle consists of packets of energy whose source is unknown and neither can be created and nor be destroyed. Obviously, those packets of energy are also part of god, which have remained as a mystery for physics yet to be solved. God, god and god, everywhere is the part of god. Like, our fingers and toes are part of us and we can control them, every particle of universe is under the control of almighty.
So, god really deserves the prayer that we pray for him. God is unlimited as compared to any units we use for comparison. God can do everything on his wish. He can really help us when we are in big trouble and can really provide us our requirement in our needs. That’s why big temples, churches, monasteries and mosques are constructed for us so that we can go and cry for help when in need. But a strangeness obviously arises here in our mind that why different places to cry (or let’s simply say pray) if god is unique. Clearly, during these explanations there was no case of dispute for the provision of multiple gods. Our assumption of god was working without any error. Furthermore, the modern science also easily agrees for the creation of rest of biotic and non-biotic components as a spontaneous process and there are strong hypothesis to convince it. So there is no need for believing multiple gods. Again, a big dispute arises if there is a single god, which one of them is genuine - a big question for humanity. A Muslim believes ‘Allah’, a Christian believes ‘Jesus’, Buddhist believe ‘Buddha’ and other people believe the one which they and their family have been praying for years, as genuine god. But, in my opinion god can’t transform himself into a human form. If he did so, the world wouldn’t see him because the energy of god which is in the form of universe would have to transform into the human body and the entire universe will vanish in no time. May be, he might use some part of universe to transform into human body and soul. Well, that’s possible too. But, let’s not increase the discussion here but only focus to find the genuine god.
There are dozens of religion -a faith of people upon a particular or a group of gods in the world. In search of the genuine god, it is a difficult and an important task to collect the name of gods and their behaviors as described by specific religion. And, combine all those behaviors and see whether that will be able to describe the genuine god or not. Of course, that would be far enough to characterize the genuine god. Now, the question comes about faith of people upon our newly characterized genuine god. In my opinion almost all the people excluding the blind believers will accept the new genuine god with no doubt. The temple for our new god will be of mixed design that will reflect mandirs, mosques, churches and monasteries all at once. There is no need of any idol or statue for god in the temple because our vision and belief will be far enough to show respect to our genuine god.
Only one god and a single religion! No more violence in the name of religion and no conflict in the name of gods. People don’t have to hesitate to show their feelings and pray to god anymore in front of other thinking how would others feel of it. The field ‘religion’ will also be kicked off from the forms and we don’t have to waste some seconds specifying it. All the people bounded under a religion and dedicated feelings of brotherhood and cooperation for each others. See! How beautiful world had I made.
Sushant Gautam

Sushant Gautam

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