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The best way to contact me is at email@sushant.info.np / (+977)9860043019 / http://facebook.com/esushant. I also maintain my LinkedIn profile at https://np.linkedin.com/in/esushant. Find my GitHub profile here. My research-based projects are updated at ResearchGate. My social media archives are available at http://twitter.com/esushant.

I keep updating My CV and contact information. My Ham Radio QRZ Profile and Logbook can be accessed from here.

Sorry for not being able to post regular updates in this website.

A Candid Anecdote(1): When I open my eye in the morning

When I open my eye in the morning, I always see the same ceiling of my room. But, under the same ceiling ... (ctd.)
On other hand, I also always wish that when I open my eyes everyday in the morning (or sometimes in the midnight), I wouldn't have to be under the same ceiling. I meant i would be somewhere on the other part of world, maybe like the same one I saw while closing my eyes.
Unfortunately, Its just a wish that is in my mind from my very childhood, and I had known that it can never come true at all.
It is amazing for me that- a new world, everytime i close my eyes but never can see it again ( my eye are closed).


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