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A Candid Anecdote (4) : "Our Dreams"

The situation of nation has toppled in last few decades. Some industries that were constructed with toil of past generations are no more functioning. Citizens are forced to use foreign products. Prices of daily goods have touched the sky. However, the nation has survived on the tourism and remittance of citizens who are forced to sell their toil and image in foreign land just to survive. That is even harming the international image of the nation. On the other hand, the number of tourists visiting Nepal has been inclining with time and our nation is being used as a route for illegal activities including drugs bypass. Donors are not keen to help and businessmen and international companies are scared to invest because of insecurity in the nation. Political conflict never stops in the nation and politics has been easy way to fill the pockets. Political powers are always misused for personal purpose. Feelings of a citizen towards the nation are being worse day by day. A patriot is hard to found nowadays. Country is getting poorer and poorer day by day. Human and child rights violation has crossed the limit. Criminals are always under high protection from political parties and police and other responsible department has to be always under political pressure. Hence, looking from the eye of a general citizen, the future of nation is dark, very dark.
Being second richest country in water resource, we are living under the shadow of oil lamps. Being the birthplace of Buddha neither our nation has enough guts to speak among the world nor we are able to prove practically, by respecting and following his principles of nonviolence and peace. Being the generations of Prithvinarayan Shah and Balabhadra Kunwar, neither we are not able to tackle the forces that have keeping an evil eye over our lands nor we are able to respect the spirit of unified Nepal, instead we are trying to divide the nation under the name of caste, religion and race.
The philosophy of Lord Buddha and height of Everest are seeking our urgent attention. Beauty of Pokhara and holiness of Lord Pashupatinath are crying for their protection. Elephants and rhinos in Chitwan are waiting for our revolutionary action. The rusted bridges of highways want to get reconstructed and polluted Bishnumati River wants to change its color. The human heads mounting its number in cities wants to slide down and agricultural production rates wants to climb up. The trees in forests want to get multiplied. Wildlife doesn’t want to get killed for entertainment or be dinner of humans. Health problems also want to say bye to Nepalese people and leave Nepal forever. Job opportunities wants to get increased and skilled manpower wants to do something for their own nation. Developmental works want to speed up and financial condition of nation wants to get better.
It is true that the country has failed to pay us justice, peace and happiness. But I still refuse to believe that our country holds no capacity to protect us and grant us peace, justice and happiness. I also refuse that that property of our nation will be less to feed the hunger, irrigate the thirst and grant the demand of citizens.
It’s the time to remind Nepalese people of exigency of time. Neither this is the time to get delight of foreign import nor refuse the urgency. These painful nights will not end till we try to glow the candle of freedom and equity. Success is another part, an important one. But, a try would be more important here. These days are not going to be end but a beginning, beginning of revolution. There will be neither rest nor satisfaction in Nepalese people till we are granted peace and justice.
This significant time has come as a great hope to Nepalese people who had been chained in the jails of violence and injustice. It has come to cut off the root of injustice, captivity, violence and pain. It has come to fulfill the dreams that our fathers and grandfathers saw, we are seeing and our future generations will see. It has come to pay off the blood of martyrs who scarified in the name of peace and justice. The Nepali-mother who is tired waiting for this time has tears in her eyes but still has hope and faith that her children will not have to live being isolated from happiness and security.
But, I am still not sure that some 10 years later, we would not be praying for peace and justice to be established. Some 20 years later, the life of Nepalese would still be dark due to lack of education and chains of superstition. Some 30 years later, a group of Nepalese would still be glowing oil lamps in an isolated land of Karnali. Some 40 years later, the Nepal would still be a dark corner for globalized world and Nepalese people would be searching for their identity being lost on our own land.
Now is the right time to make real promise of peace and justice. It is the time to open the doors of opportunity and rise from the dark to the path of peace, justice and development. It is the time to lift our nation from lands of pain to the height of relief. It is the time to stop all kinds of dissatisfaction and violence to join hands to establish permanent peace in the nation. It is the right time to grant justice to Nepalese and Nepali mother. Yes, we obviously can make our lands better than heaven as our ancestors dreamed, we are dreaming and our children will dream.
So, if Nepal is to be a great nation this dream must come true. So, let’s gather from all the corners, the people of all the races, all the castes, all the religion, all economic standards, males, females, old men, youths and children. We need the hands of Sherpa from Himalayas, Chhetri from hills and Tharu from Terai. We need Hindu people to join us with Christians followed by Muslims in the spirit of Buddhism. We need the people from Karnali and each and every isolated land and slums. We want the people from deprived and under-privileged society to join us.
But, our dreams will only come true if we are able to gather brotherhood and cooperation from the land of plains, corner of hills and lap of Himalayas. We will only be able to fulfill our dream if all kind of sons and daughters sit down together at a table of freedom and justice and drink the cup of satisfaction and cooperation. So, this is the significant time to begin. The mission will be difficult, we all know, but not impossible. Everyone, be united and let’s begin an adventurous journey to the land of our dream.


(impressed by King Martin Luther King Jr.'s historic speech; which reflects here)
Sushant Gautam

Sushant Gautam

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