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A Candid Anecdote (2): " Dreams and Satisfaction"

Everyone, after closing our eyes and engaging the mind for 'brainwashing procedure', feel some images of past activities in zig-zag form which we term as 'dream'. Mostly we dream about our unfulfilled wishes, compresses feelings and intensions. And, 'satisfaction' is a degree of 'un-dreaming'. Satisfaction is the level when we stop to dream and enjoy just what you have. In other word satisfaction is also termed as 'spiritual enlightment' by most of the people.
Generally, there is a strange type of relationship between our dreams and satisfaction. A good dreamer is sure to a unsatisfied crook. If your dreams are much higher, it means someone has to raise big stones in order stisfy you; or simply your are harder to be made satisfied. But, people think that 'dreams should to high - more heigher than touching the moon.' Let me take an example of a richest person ( generally, who is rich because of his dream to be rich).Such dreamers are never satisfied; the more their dreams are fulfilled, the more their degree of dream increases. That is the rich dreamer never gets satisfied by the rich he has gained, his dreams keep on increasing despite of his 'dreams of past' which has already been fulfilled. Similarly we can find such unsatisfied dreamers everywhere around us. Such people generally are the storehouse of 'angerness', 'jealousness' and 'greediness'. Conversely, satisfied dreamers are hard to be found, too. As I mentioned earlier as what people think of satisfaction, 'spiritually enlighted' persons are the satisfied dreamers. You can only get satisfied when you have no needs. You have to fulfill your needs to overcome some kind of problem that makes you scared to be faced at. Problem is what this world is made up of. Different holy books & religions explaind this world as the punishment for us due to our wrong- do's. So, a spititually enlighted person is all known about the world and is not interested to enjoy the short-life here facing long-proplems. So, they have no ( relatively very less) problem at all. Therefore, No problem > No needs > No Dreams> Satisfaction. Hence, stop dreaming and be satisfied with what you have and work on it, that will be far enough to let you open the door of happiness and success. 
Sushant Gautam

Sushant Gautam

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