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Our culture: A glimpse at the MahaShivaRatriEve

In this beautiful evening of MahaShivaRatri, let us take some time to know about our culture. We are all the versions of modified ancient Eastern society. We are shiting on our ancient culture calling it traditional and are attracted by the Western one, which we term 'modern'. I am talking about these things in this point of time because the day we are celebrating tomorrow comes from a story in Shiva Puran; an ancient Hindu Script. If we gander at the stories in the Shiva Purana, believe me or not, we will see the Theory of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics – the entire of advanced material science – has been wonderfully communicated through stories. I had talked about this in a discussion with some friends last week, if the participants remember. 

Human society is rationalistic; science was communicated through stories. Everything has been exemplified. Be that as it may, some place along the way individuals dropped the science and just conveyed the stories, and the stories were misrepresented by teachers and conveyors from era to era to a state of being completely silly. 
I imagine science back into the stories, it is a wonderful approach to express science. I enjoy doing this. Why to ignore even a hypothesis/myth that pleasures you? That is where I stand at.
Sushant Gautam

Sushant Gautam

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