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A massive earthquake struck my nation in April 2015, there was chaos everywhere. Thousands of people died and twice as many were injured. Luckily, I was safe, although I felt a kind of trauma. I started thinking about the near future of my fam­ily, my society and my nation. Of course, my frightened mind imagined it very dark.
A huge catastrophe in a poor developing country was a great curse. We were all in a playground of a nearby school. Shortly after the shake, I could hear the sounds of helicopters and airplanes in the sky, which must have been witnessing the massive destructions. Cultural heritage and old monuments fell in ruins to the ground. The buildings of my college, which had produced a generation of engineers, were of no use anymore. The phone network was down. I turned the radio on and almost all of the stations were off. Fortunately, I found a working one - a scared, confused voice was live and she was explaining what she experienced during the earthquake. Hours passed, but it was still the same and we had no idea what was happening and what we should do. At the same time, my eyes had been flabbergasted by the increasing number of flights in the sky, and there were helicopters everywhere. At first, I thought it to be of our National Army, but the increasing numbers were too much for our army to afford. I carefully looked at one and found that was a different model than those of our army had, and I could see the flag and logo painted on it, clearly, it was from our neighboring country, India.
"The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion."
Thomas Paine
We were warned not to go back to our houses as there were jolting aftershocks and we had cracks in our houses. I was interacting with local people, most of whom were half-alive, advising them not to be afraid. However, we couldn’t stop wandering around observing the massive destruction. We went through main roads observing the people crying and cursing the mother earth for their dead family members and destroyed houses. We were near the international airport and could see rescue teams coming out of the main entrance. Large numbers of foreign military disaster response teams and aid volunteers were coming to Nepal to help us overcome our trauma. They started with the capital city and soon reached the remote corners. They helped the people get out of the wreckage and bandaged their wounds. My heart swelled with pride as I joined them to heal my country and the country people. After the earthquake, many nations around the globe funded the National Disaster Relief Fund and there were volunteers and professionals from around the globe, helping us with the reconstructions. Everything made me realize that I was not just a citizen of my nation, but a member of our globe. And, I am not just a matter of concern to my society, but also significant to another human at any corner of the world. Also, I realized that there was something called humanity before me, my family, community and nation.
Mother Earth has been inhabited by the human society through the centuries, from the period of evolution of humans as homo sapiens, descending from monkeys and chimpanzees, to the brilliant-minded creatures that could dream of interstellar travels; roaming around the universe, playing with time, the entire human civilization has been through the numbers of ups and downs. And it has been clear that all human progresses had been possible only under the shade of unity. When humans unite, something new evolves.
 I argue that the increasing rate of development in science and technology in this modern world is due to the increasing number of participants. When more participants are involved, numbers of logics and ideas are imposed which can be summarized to a meaningful conclusion. It would not have been possible to launch the International Space Station without the participation of different nations in the project, or even the burning issue: the discovery of gravitational waves is the clear result of global participation. Modern technology has made it possible to shorten the distance between any places on Earth. We can explore the Earth at high speeds in a very short period of time. News and ideas spread even faster at around the speed of light. So, everyone in this world is interconnected virtually with everyone's mind. Therefore, we don't think for sole purpose; if we innovate something that is going to be a new listing in the Hall of Fame of the discovery of human civilization and would be used by the needy human at any part of the Earth at any time in the future. On the other hand, groupism instead of going global leads to war and violence. Massive genocides in the history, world wars and ongoing terrorism are all the results of factionalism.
I love diversity. And that is the reason behind my love towards nature. I love the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, oceans, different land forms; highs and lows. I have also been extremely astonished by the diversity in human communities since my childhood as I grew up in the remote southern plains of my country which habitat numbers of diverse communities. Dozens of languages are spoken over here and every community has its own culture, own beliefs, different customs, languages and way of living. Due to very low literacy rates, people are very traditional and only a few of them had been to school. I don't think some of them can even probably imagine how big our earth is. When I return back to my village sometimes I cycle to neighboring villages just to meet these amazing people. Since I can't communicate properly in their language, I have to rely on broken sentences and symbols. Every time I meet these people, I learn something new. They have their own ways, the way different from mine. Their houses are different, they eat different foods than me and they dress up differently. But when I come to their vision towards community, they have the same feelings as I do for my people: they love their people and believe in living in a group. Not only humans, but most of the creatures on this planet, from ants to elephants believe living in a community or at least a family however is its size. Above them all, the human society has been the most successful and I think effective communication is the main reason behind this. Humans were able to develop languages and use them properly among groups, which led the humanity to this extent.
“Globalization means we have to re-examine some of our ideas, and look at ideas from other countries, from other cultures, and open ourselves to them. And that's not comfortable for the average person. “
Herbie Hancock
This particular time in the history of humanity is very important. We are in the state of transforming the huge world to a small territory, often termed as ‘global village’. This period is going to be marked as the most fruitful time of human civilization. We are already experiencing the change and I feel it very beautiful to imagine the near future- the big world with hundreds of cultures shrunken to a small region; just like a tasty porridge in a bowl with numbers of ingredients. And, yes I am sure that the result is going to be even magnificently beneficial. But, it should never be forgotten to preserve such beauty as time passes. It is really important to keep the world diverse and beautiful as it is today. The intercultural interactions shouldn't mess up the diversity. None of us should be hampered. We are not just transforming alone, but we are also taking our cultures to the new era. Our languages, history and identity, all should also be taken with us in this journey of transformation.
Each community has a unique culture, which remains as the identity of their own. The history of a community is embedded within the cultures. When a culture gets vanished, many things go missing- language, custom, traditions, festivals, beautiful stories and a page of human history. We should be living under a single world with our own culture where the boundary of languages, traditions, or other bases should never divide any of us and we should be defined just as a human and judged by our skills, creativity and vision. And, most importantly- discrimination on the basis of gender, race, economic standard, cast, creed or whatever shouldn’t exist. Of course, the transformed world also deserves to be diverse and more beautiful.
The rate of transformation is accelerating; we have experienced a lot of changes than our parents did and the next generation will see even more. The people of our grandfather’s time travelled from country to country and it took years for them, but now it has been possible to travel the whole world within a couple of days. Who knows, we could be travelling to Mars soon. There was post mail and that has been outdated and replaced by e-mails. There have been a lot of changes just within the last century. The improved media have made it possible for one to connect to another person living anywhere else. We share our culture, vision and ways of living.
“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”   
Frank Smith
The cultural sharing and understanding fascinates me very much; you get to know the life of another individual and learn many new things. A language can be a hurdle. So, learning every new one would open the gate to an adventure to explore a distinct culture. When you know the code of communication, you can decode the barriers and crack the way to enjoy the diversity. The more interaction you do with foreign people and their culture, the more companionship you feel. And, finally you become a member of that society and that doesn’t remain foreign to you anymore. You just don’t describe yourself by your hometown. If you are multilingual, you are no less than a bridge between communities; you can exchange cultures, ideas and innovations. You can experience the diversity; feel the differences and the joy of being part of a diverse human society. Diversity is the real beauty of the universe.
“Culture makes people understand each other better. And if they understand each other better in their soul, it is easier to overcome the economic and political barriers. But first they have to understand that their neighbor is, in the end, just like them, with the same problems, the same questions.”
Paulo Coelho
When our mind is set to feel not just as a citizen of a nation, but a member of the globe and we have the ability to interact with diverse communities, a brilliant thing happens: our way of thinking gets promoted to the next level. We feel pain for every cry across the planet. We set ourselves determined to fill the stomach of every living being. We feel the need of protection of our earth and worry about climate change. We care for each and every person who begs on the streets. We think to gift the children, with tons of books and a school, who are far away from education. We would dream of a world free of guns and wars where we could enjoy the harmony and brotherhood between diversities. And, when we all are together, we can decrease chances of impossibilities. We can find a cure for cancer. We can fight against dangerous diseases such as HIV and Ebola or even Zika. We can even kneel down any terrorist forces that have been threatening the humanity. We can make this planet free from pain and also stick a smile on everyone’s face. This is how we would transform our world into a better place to live.
Sushant Gautam

Sushant Gautam

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