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Using Google My Maps in LOCUS 2016 : Possibility Exploration

Hello Spectator!
This article is dedicated to exploring any possibilities for using Google My Maps feasibly during LOCUS 2016.

Introduction to Google My Maps
You can use this google feature to create custom maps to share and publish online with Google My Maps. You can make maps that show different kinds of information.
In a nutshell, with My Maps, you can:
Create a map.
Draw lines, shapes, or place-marks on the map.
Import geographically-specific data including addresses, place names, or latitude and longitude coordinates.
Organize your map with layers to hide or show different kinds of content.
Style your content with different colors, place mark icons, and line widths.
                    ( Check this out to know more)

My Experiences with Google My Maps
Last year, I was involved in a small religious project and I was assisting the organizing committee to manage the program area. At first, they had called a civil engineer for that task and he had completed his job. But, the result was weird- he handed them a 2D sketch of the area with hard-to-find texts and icons. They were horrified as there were isolated teams who needed the plan to work accordingly. I thought of using Google My Google Maps. You wouldn't believe me- they were totally amazed by the output and the civil engineer persuaded me to learn mapping skills. They even wanted the map printed on a big hoarding board for attenders. I had had a good time there and I am very thankful to Google My Maps :) . You can see the same map even now- please follow this link.

Using Google My Maps in LOCUS
My idea is to use Google My Maps during locus program. The question arises- WHY?? 
Tricky Use of TechnologyOf course! we make maps during programs and expos so that visitors would find the stalls and other destinations correctly. So, if we enrich the need with technology, it would look pretty cool.
Very EasyChill! its not calculus or natural science. Mapping is a kids game using Google My Maps. Anyone interested and authorized can contribute to expanding or editing it. So, we will be having an accurate and complete map in no time.
Time-Saving : It won't take days- its just a workouts for under couples of hours. 
Responsive and effectiveThe map will be totally amazing. You may place it in your website embed., for visitors or even print it as a hoarding board for visitors.
PortableYou can export and download an entire map or just some information on it. That way, you can import and see your geographical data in other apps. For example, on a map with cross-country driving directions and restaurants along the way, download just the directions so you can visualize it in Google Earth.

Future Perspectives 
Not only for LOCUS 2016, the map would be reusable for eras ( Kidding!). We can use this output as a base for other maps in future, too.
As a Resource for Developers, you can also export the map data as KMZ and embed it in your apps.

I have started making the base map already.You can view it using this link. If you want to contribute, contact me using the widget in the sidebar. The next step is to completely map the college in the base map. The base map can be used for other maps, too. That is what we are going to use while mapping the LOCUS program later on.

Sushant Gautam

Sushant Gautam

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