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The best way to contact me is at [email protected] / (+977)9860043019 / http://facebook.com/esushant.

I also maintain my LinkedIn profile at https://np.linkedin.com/in/esushant.

My research-based projects are updated at ResearchGate.

Find my GitLab profile/ GitHub profile. My social media archives are available at http://twitter.com/esushant.

My Ham Radio QRZ Profile and Logbook can be accessed from here.


My Amateur Radio Journey : 9N1GM

Hey there from Kathmandu, Nepal. 

I am Sushant Gautam (9N1GM), a student at Tribhuwan Univerity, IOE Pulchowk Engineering Campus, pursuing my Bachelors in Computer Engineering. I am a ham enthusiastic and a member of IOE Amateur Radio Club.

Find me on QRZ here.

I use Baofeng UV-5R which I obtained from the IOE Amateur Radio Club Station for being a member. I connect to IOE Amateur Radio Club Station VHF repeater on 145.210. I was born in 1997 and received my amateur radio licence in 2017.

You can reach me via IRLP node 5511 (Tribhuwan Univerity, IOE Amateur Radio Club Station). 

We operate Emergency Net at around 8:45 PM (Nepal Time) every Saturday ( 3:00 PM Saturday GMT) where all the Nepali hams around Kathmandu come online on the repeater for around an hour. You may join us though IRLP node 5511 or EchoLink.

My motive is to use this technology to support disaster response and emergency communication in Nepal. I am interested in expanding disaster communication network in Nepal so that we can respond the disasters in a managed way.

Find me on Facebook or LinkedIn

Kathmandu Nepal Repeaters
  1. VHF Frequency is Tx:145.210 Rx:145.810 Tone: 100Hz. The VHF repeater is located at the Pulchowk Engineering Campus which in Kathmandu. The repeater is on IRLP node 5511. The EchoLink number is 461694 W6KTM-R (on the EchoLink list Nepal W6KTM-R is in USA Area 6)
  2. 9N1KS at NSET in Sainbu TX on 145.000 MHz and RX on 434.5Mhz for more information on NSET visit here
I am very thankful to Dr Sanjeeb Pandey (9N1SP) and Radio Mala which is an organization based in the USA for helping us operate an emergency communication infrastructure in Nepal.

Sushant Gautam

Sushant Gautam

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